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Straight Ahead

The summer of love brought together the last of the baby boomer breed.  The silhouette was engraved into history as a vague shadow of undefined purpose.  Stories were told, re-told, and soon forgotten.  The ones that followed were hopelessly insensitive to the contributions that the flower children made to humanity.  Rawley's awareness and enlightenment did nothing to prevent him from becoming an unhappy vagabond, a has-been. Rawley was considered a loser with nothing to show for his efforts.  Zachariah was right.  Rawley just didn't match up to the highest standards.  His self-esteem was at the lowest level since his childhood.  Once again, he was a stranger in the crowd.  He ended up living in a homeless shelter back in Carolina after a failed marriage.  He worked in a warehouse and drove a fork lift.  He had no friends and was a working stiff whose only concern was to save enough to get an apartment, to pay the rent and to buy groceries.  He did have a dog, a shepherd he called Spirit.  His memory was not so good and some people even thought he was demented.  His experiences from youth had pretty much been erased and he could not remember how to play music.  He and Spirit used to walk in the park every evening.  One night, Rawley was mugged and robbed in the park.  He was found by the police and taken to the hospital with a concussion.  When he came out of the coma, he was told that Spirit had been shot.  The admissions officer at the hospital went through his clothing to determine his identity but all he could find was a crumpled piece of paper that had a hand written note which read,  "I love you, Margo" and gave a telephone number.  The admitting officer called the number and a pleasant voice answered, "Hello, this is Margo.  May I help you?"  "Yes. this is the admissions officer at Memorial Hospital and we have found your number written on a scrap piece of paper in one of our patient's belongings.  I was wondering if you could help us identify this person?" he asked.  After she was given his description she quickly realized that the person that the caller wanted to identify was Rawley.  Margo wasted no time.  She drove to the hospital and found him slowly regaining consciousness when she arrived there.  "Margo !", Rawley gasped.  "Rawley !" Margo sighed.  They hugged and cried.  Margo was the love of his life.  She was a Carolina girl, born and raised in the Appalachian mountains near the Cherokee nation.  She was not impressed at all in the least by the music or the popular culture that surrounded it.  She simply accepted Rawley for what he was, not for what he had done.  She was willing to give him a chance to prove himself.  Rawley had a very loving relationship with Margo and that feeling could not be described in words.

Rawley had a daughter named Tiffany from his previous marriage.  Like Rawley, Margo too had been married and divorced during the years that they were separated while Rawley was playing music in Texas.  Margo had a handsome young son named Jason.  Rawley took a strong liking to Jason and took him under his wing.  Not too long after the reunion, they decided get back together and moved into a little cabin on the Catawba river in Carolina.  They had a beautiful little baby girl they named Christina.  Margo was never involved in the hippie movement and was never a part of the drug culture.  She worked hard at helping people at her job in the local hospital.  She provided unwavering support and a refuge for Rawley from the ever present vampires who had taken and taken from Rawley for so many years and had never given back.  Now with Margo's help, he knew in an instant who was the enemy, the soul thieves.  Live performances may have become a thing of the past but now Rawley knew how to function naturally in the midst of the crowd without becoming a victim of their world.  At the church near their new homestead, Rawley and Margo could be heard singing in the pews with the congregation every Sunday.  So... that is the end of the conversation and that is the way that the story ended, the story of a vagabond, who thought he saw through heaven but instead found peace on earth.

                                                    *THE END*